Frequently Asked questions about TRIP GOLO

How may we be of help?

What makes us different from others? We connect local tour operators, guides and hotels with travellers and we do not get any commission from our service. This no commission policy of TRIP GOLO helps to reduce the tour package cost up to 20 %.

First, TRIP GOLO helps you to find the perfect holiday with lesser price, we are here to protect the interest and save money of travellers by doing this we help people to travel more and we help local tour operators and business to get connected with potential travellers without paying commission to any third party. You will get the same package for a lesser price!

Choose your destination, share your travel plan or preferred things to do via email or through what’s app and we will help you find the best package tour or activities at the best price.

Now we do not earn or make any money! But in the future, we will earn money in the forms of a subscription fee and it will not affect the cost of tours.

Travel companies, Tour Operators, Hotels and Apartments, Restaurants, Fashion Stores, local artists.