Malaysia truly Asia


Visit Malaysia with Trip Golo, Explore Stunning cities, delicious Asian Cuisines, Vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, picturesque islands, national parks, wildlife and rainforests. Explore and experience the beauty of diversity in Malaysia. Discover the adventure in you by visiting Malaysia’s diverse mountains and dense jungles an ideal place for climbing, hiking, and trekking. Gear up for a water rafting experience in Kampar River, set forth on the exhilarating journey of never-ending excitement. Refresh yourself with the unique scenery of nature, the 400 m tall Broga Hills will give you an unmatched areal view of Kaula Lampur City. Take a break from city life by visiting Paradise Valley for exhilarating activities like flying fox, camping, kayaking, and rock climbing. Take a 10-minute drive from Broga for fun interaction with different species of Rabbits at Rabbit Fun Island, the park also has other animals such as deers, goats, and horses- A must-see place if you are on holiday with your children. Visit KINABALU PARK, Malaysia’s first world heritage site for a premium wildlife experience. Turquoise water surrounded by white sandy beaches making this spectacular island ‘LANGKAWI, the jewel of Kedah and one of Malaysia’s top destination for honeymooners.
Visit Kilim River for a picturesque Mangrove Forest by the Water or find the hidden gem of Malaysia KAMPUNG BOYAN one among many authentic villages in Malaysia. Dive and Swim along with the stunning marine life in the waters of Malaysia’s Very Own Oceanic Island ‘SIPADAN ISLAND’. A typical holiday in Malaysia includes stunning nightlife scenes of Kuala Lumpur or take a day trip to Batu caves. Visit Malaysia with your family & friends and explore this beautiful country with Trip Golo.

  • CURRENCYThe Malaysian ringgit (RM)
  • BEST TIME TO VISITAll year round